At JR International Pvt Ltd we have applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in our environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizations. We have made meticulous efforts to ensure that it is practiced accordingly.

Dignity of labor

Dignity of Labor means that all occupation, whether involving intellect or physical labor, deserves equal respect and dignity. No job should be considered superior or inferior. Every job that is dutifully done with honesty and sincerity deserves appreciation. Labor is one of the most crucial resource ever in a manufacturing and production environment.

Our employment and HR Policies are narrated around the dignity of our employees. It is important to us that our employees get along with each other. We educate our labor about the importance of their work, provide them with the right equipment and appropriate training. We have a plan to brand our labor as well by providing them with uniforms and other working kits.

Poverty alleviation 

Providing employment cannot necessarily lessen poverty. It is a philosophy around which a whole set of operations must be build.

At JR International we pay our labor with competitive market wedges. Through our years of experience, it is concluded that each individual has a certain capacity, it is therefore each labor is assigned with a fix amount of work. For example, a good chappal maker cannot make more than 3 pairs of chappal, we have asked our labors to three only per day. They are paid extra if they are able to produce more, but that is his decision.

We are a registered company with Social welfare department. For a fee they provide support to our workers in terms of education and health. Our close moral proximity both to the trade and traditions wants us to improve the life of our workers and colleagues.

Each labor is assigned to a specific group which works under a supervisor to make sure that he has no difficulty in achieving his tasks. They are provided with secluded well-lit areas, where they can work with concentration.

Each labor must attend to a training workshop during his 12 months of stay at the company. These training are designed for capacity building and improving his/her lifestyle.

and we have registered them with the social welfare department. The Social welfare department provides all kinds of financial help in respect to their health and education, for a fee.


Equipping your human resource is the most asset for any company. According to The Express Tribune, unfortunately, skill development in Pakistan has been a neglected area. Our labor is either lacking creative or cognitive thoughts or necessary skill for development. This results in slow output and deprived standards of living and growth.

Empowering labor at JR International explicitly means “skills upgradation through trainings, periodically”. This enables the laborers to accentuate outputs. It is also made sure that these trainings are made according to laborer’s personal abilities and industrial requirements. Our regular discussion sessions (baitaks) with the labors are to minimize the communication gap. The most crucial section of our training agenda is “hands on experience”. It is an expensive practice yet very fruitful.

One very important aspect of our values is that our laborers are always free to take a start on their own and become contractors. We encourage them for it because we believe that by providing them with a sustainable solution, they would be providing a better lifestyle for their families and friends.

Sustainable development 

Sustainability is defined as practice of maintaining processes of productivity indefinitely – natural or human made, it is almost impossible to mark any process as such due to the limited resources of the planet.

We are cautious about our environment. We have sustainable development strategy that we are tending to implement to have less negative impact on the environment and high positive impact on the life of our workers and customers.

An outline of strategy is given

  • To promote local employment
  • To use organic and naturally produced materials that could be reproduced or replaced.
  • To utilize more handwork instead of machinery, so many heads would be employed
  • Utilizing wastage materials as raw materials for other products
  • Training our employees for better outputs

Sustainable Business Model

JR International deals in traditional products, that are being used by people for centuries. These products are manufactured by centuries old proven methods, thus establishing a fact that minimum natural resource and efficient human resource is required.

Our acquisition, manufacturing and distribution policies are in place to have minimum negative impact on environment, community (society) and economy.

90% of the materials that we use are obtained from cattle and trees. These materials are biodegradable and easily reproduced. We are advocating using recycled materials.

Gender equality

At JR International Pvt Ltd, all opportunities are presented to all genders on equality basis. However due to our society norms, some positions are gender specific.